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Bi-weekly group coaching calls for marketing and communications professionals

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Need a boost as you face a job search?

Looking for a new job today feels different than ever before. This group coaching program, made specifically for marketing and communications professionals, will give you the boost you need to land a new job fast. We have multiple teams so that you are matched with others at your seniority level.

How Job Search Success Team Can Help:

Best Practices

Learn the best way to handle your job search. Get insights from someone who knows this function and how hiring leaders think. 


The group dynamic encourages accountability – you’ll move faster and more effectively when others help you stay accountable.


You're not in this alone. Joining this group not only expands your network, you are able to learn from each other and build community.

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What to Expect

  • You will join bi-weekly, 60-minute video calls with your coach Angee Linsey and other peer level marketing and communications professionals in job search.
  • The first part of each meeting will be content presented by Angee that will be valuable to your job search and will often include resources such as samples, checklists and action plans.
  • The second part of each meeting will be group coaching, which will be a structured conversation to provide support to each other and keep you accountable for your own search activities. Ask your questions and receive advice from Angee and feedback your peers.
  • You'll be expected to attend live, but if for some reason you can't make it, the sessions will always be recorded and uploaded to your learning portal for access at any time.

About Your Coach, Angee Linsey

In 2008, Angee created Linsey Careers, a boutique executive search and career coaching firm, with the goal of helping companies find and retain outstanding marketing and communications talent – and helping outstanding practitioners in this field find amazing new opportunities, and manage their career with intention.

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